Saturday, December 12, 2009

But the meat still remains......

So the week of eating that follows Eid Kbir (the big feast) has finally ended. Eid is the holiday where each family slaughters a sheep (or goat if you can't afford a sheep) in honor of the Prophet Mohammed. It can be kind of an intense eating experience but fortunately my stomach stomached the stomach and I'm feeling proud about my digestive system. Somehow I managed to avoid the sheep testical this year. If I ever share to much information let me know?

It's actually a holiday I enjoy and, once again, the generosity and kindness of the people here continue to humble me. Not only do I go to a lot of people's houses to eat meat but people also show up at my door with copious amounts of food. I think they're taken pity on the skinny orphan boy. Today while leaving my house to go eat lunch with my host family, I was met at the door by a neighbor boy with a lamb/almond tagine and my former tutor with ribs.

I'm a little nervous that I will turn into one of those wild animals that you're not supposed to feed. Because they lose the ability to fend for themselves and no ones around to feed them during the winter. What if people stop bringing food to my door and I lose the ability to feed myself and starve this winter? I just hope I don't bite anyone:)

Winter is definitely here as I sit in front of my heater wearing many many layers. I fought it for awhile but finally pulled out the long underwear bottoms this morning. I won't take them off till April:)

Thanksgiving was good and a low key affair shared with a couple other volunteers. I'm happy to say that it will, hopefully, be my last for awhile shared away from friends and family.

Hope this finds you all happy, healthy, warm, and enjoying the holidays!

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Moroccan said...

The sacrifice is actually in honor of the prophet Ibrahim.